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House that was sided

Siding, Windows & Doors

When DuraBilt Exteriors, Inc. does siding, all existing siding is removed from the house, and any rotted plywood is replaced. Generally at this time, all soffit material, fascia metal, and gutters are removed. When vinyl siding is installed, your house is covered in a breathable, waterproof home wrap. This lets harmful moisture out and not back in. Then, an insulating foam board is installed on all walls, and under cantilevers. After the insulating board is installed, trim blocks are installed on all protrusions, such as lights and water spigots. As part of the siding system, each door and window get its own water guttering device called J-channel. At this time, the siding of your choice (color and style) is installed. Where appropriate, vented and non-vented soffit material is installed. New trim metal is custom bent and installed on all exposed wood, such as brick moulds and fascias. Finally, new ‘seamless' gutters are custom made and installed. Also, we are a 203k contractor for interior and exterior home repair.


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